about debbie psifidis

I've always been fascinated by photography. There is something so magical about the ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time.


Debra Alexander Photography was born nearly alongside my son Alex. He is my little inspiration. Seeing the world through his eyes makes me want to stop time and savor every moment. Alex has given me a second start at life. I have left the corporate world, and now see things with childlike wonderment. When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.


Taking photographs somewhat enables me to put a "pause" on life. A photograph can capture what one may take for granted. It allows one to actually "SEE" rather than just "LOOK"?.


It is for this reason that I take a photojournalistic approach with my work. I do very little posing, and I don't believe in using a ton of props. I enjoy watching a family interact, and catching them as they truly exist. When viewing photographs I find that it is typically these that are most cherished. They tell a story. Your story.


I love taking photographs, but even more so, I enjoy viewing the printed images. It is almost surreal, viewing the photographs, and getting lost in the memory of the time they were taken. And I take pride in knowing that these photographs will be treasured for an eternity.


It is such an honor to be allowed into one's sacred world. I would love to have that privilege. Let me show you what I SEE.

-debbie (2004)